Pixar, Charles Darwin and the inspiration behind Facebook’s emoticons

2015 The library of emoticons, On new year there is smile of emoticons. Upcoming emoticons 2015 event we have collected some new emoticons for year 2015

Katy Perry’s latest music video is an ode to WhatsApp

Evolution in Emoji: Mobile Messaging for Katy Perry’s 'Roar' Lyric Video

‘Tweet’ makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary

An A-to-Z Guide to Worst Words - Entertainment - The Atlantic Wire (Photo: Shutterstock/Creativa)

Facebook adds new “Edit Post” feature

Tip Of The Day - Make your announcements standout Use some techniques to make your marketing posts more noticeable. Use videos, images, sound clips, slideshows, and such. Highlight important words in as well.

Do you know what “phubbing” is?

Do you know what “phubbing” is?

Graphic designer creates a Facebook board game

The Board Game by graphic designer Pat C. Klein is designed to get people to interact with.

Beautiful geo-tagged tweet maps from around the world

Beautiful geo-tagged tweet maps from around the world

Who are the top female social media influencers?

Here are nine ways learning and development organizations can incorporate social media in training.