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two people dancing on a dance floor in front of an audience
Glorious green; beautiful floats!
a woman in a purple dress with jewels on the bottom and side, showing her stomach
Alisa Seleznyova's photos
Фотографии Алисы Селезнёвой
a mannequin with blue feathers and beads on it's body, next to a red wall
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Фотографии Алисы Селезнёвой
Ballroom Fashion Dress With Pearls, Dress Details, Dress Pattern, Dress, Pearl Dress
Ballroom Fashion
Ballroom Fashion
a woman in a white and black leotard with her hands on her head
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a woman's body is covered in gold and black beads on display at a dance event
a dress is displayed on a mannequin in front of a black background with an image of a woman's gown
a woman in a black and gold dress
Dance Classix
Love these appliques and dangly bits
a pink and purple dress on display in front of a mirror
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Wow the colours are stunning!!
three pictures of a woman in a yellow outfit with feathers on her legs and one has an open back
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a mannequin is dressed in black with silver sequins
Dance Classix
the back of a black dress with feathers and jewels on it is displayed in an art gallery