Ra'eesah Hoosen

Ra'eesah Hoosen

Ra'eesah Hoosen
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Grammar test

An elementary grammar test for your pupils. They have to choose the correct answer. Verbal tenses: present simple, past simple or present perfect.

Language Arts

Parts of speech small chart The tips on this chart will help students to become masters at writing. Chart includes reproducibles and activity ideas on the back to reinforce writing skills.

Doctor and Nurse Crafts and Learning Activities to Teach Children not to be afraid of the Doctor.

This is not free, but I like it and think it would be fairly simple to make.

Doctor's Bag Craft and Learning Activity www.daniellesplace.com

Doctor's Bag Craft is an activity that allows the child to learn what a doctor carries around in the medical setting. They learn to get familiar with the equipment and aren't afraid of it when it is being used on them.