Christmas in Water Colour - Home Decor with a seasonal twist!

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How to Watercolor Paint on Fabric

How to watercolor on fabric - tutorial to permanently watercolor on fabric. This makes beautiful pillows and so much more.

Super easy way to dye streamers - or anything that'r rolled up for that matter!

DIY Watercolor Party Streamers (Food Coloring + White Streamers) looks like tie-dye!

Turn ordinary cotton string into something extraordinary with some water colour!

Dyed Baker's String

Time: 8 minutes + dry time Materials: watercolors, jars, water, white baker’s string

60 Wall Christmas Tree – Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

DIY Twig Christmas Tree - Don't have a lot of room in your apartment or home? This cute tree is a great idea - to decorate and save space.

Another great DIY gift idea - a watercolour calender. Gorgeous!

Simple Silver Linings: Give This Watercolor Desk Calendar a Dry Run

Watercolour ceramics - some great DIY gift ideas and inspirations!

Watercolour ceramics

There is a worldwide trend to incorporate watercolour into anything from carpets to fabrics and wallpaper. Here's looking at beautiful watercolour ceramics.

Watercolour Christmas – painted napkins DIY. Make these super easy napkins to adorn your table or give them to someone special!

Watercolour Christmas - painted napkins DIY

Add pops of vibrant colour to your festive table with this easy painted napkins DIY.

Watercolour Christmas – painted tablecloth DIY - click here for the full tutorial!!

Watercolour Christmas - painted tablecloth DIY

This year we have made our Christmas shoot a big production: we created a watercolour table setting that we think fits the South African weather and way we cele…

A Watercolour Christmas. Inspiration to make your own!

A Watercolour Christmas

Soft, flowy colours and calming accessories combine to create a beautiful, gentle Watercolour Christmas.

Have a look at our beautiful watercolour festive table ideas!

Watercolour tablescapes

Dressing a table for any occasion requires planning and inspiration. Let's give you both with these watercolour tablescapes!