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Furniture Design

Explore newest and coolest furniture items around the world by the best furniture designers. Here you'll also get DIY furniture ideas, modern, traditional and…
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Unlike mediocre furniture, the Flow Wall Desk doesn’t disappoint in form and function and transforms from wall art to a workstation in a jiffy. The mere idea of turning an artwork into a sculptural desk was enough to hook my attention. So, I reached out to the designer to learn more.
Steelcase’s latest collection reintroduces, reinterprets, and reimagines the classic furniture design from 1939. The collection comprises a $9,750 signature desk, a writing console starting at $2,620, and a lounge chair worth $2,609.
A part of Thomas Abraham’s acclaimed ‘The Transformer Collection,’ Optimus is actually a single unit of wood that traditionally functions as a chair. However, the real magic occurs when this particular unit is combined with other morphable pieces of furniture (in his collection) to derive a whole new furniture piece.

Table Designs

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Sitjoy, a Chinese company is offering a smart sofa that could potentially be the ideal furniture to replace your existing sofa. Built by a group of friends, Sitjoy Smartsofa has 16 different smart features ranging from a built-in Bluetooth speaker to an automated smart recliner.
The metal body supports the inflatable seat that offers comfort and function to the user. MOJOW doesn’t reveal the material used for the seat but does state it to be an ‘eco-responsible product’.
Dubbed Leather Sling Chair, the iconic piece is inspired by mid-century Spanish furniture. The makers call the piece ‘understatedly cool,’ and rightly so, courtesy of its simple yet modernized silhouette. Boasting clean lines, the sling chair is the talk of the town for its low-slung and angular frame that is made of solid oak that’s sustainably sourced.

Chair Designs

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These furniture designs are so mesmerizing that I desire to lay my hands on them someday.
Driving inspiration from Matryoshka (Russian tea dolls), the desk feature corner drawers that open like a Matryoshka doll in order to create a wider working area and other features. There are a total of three drawers that one can play around and store items inside.
Space in urban dwellings is like gold dust and may come to bite your pockets. To make the most of your limited urban apartment space, Resource Furniture recently launched Giro transforming table. Giro can swivel itself outward 90 degrees from the wall and unfolds itself to become a generous table.

Office Furniture

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Inspired by LEGO bricks, the Qbit furniture is highly customizable, repairable, and can be assembled without tools. The line comprises beds, sofas, shelves, tables, and chairs, all featuring shared parts and accessories, which means you can reuse their parts interchangeably.
When Cerri worked on the original design, the inspirations were drawn from hi-tech design, architecture movement and the world of music. All of this emerged in the last few decades and the influence of all these are visible in the design.
Dubbed Rostrum and Sabot, both the modular sofa systems are designed for workplace environments as well as domestic interiors. Benjamin stated that the idea was to create a grand modular sofa that can be tailored according to a particular space and the taste of the consumer. T

Modular Sofa

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Made of fibreboard, particleboard, paper foil and plastic edging, the GREÅKER cabinet blends traditional design with modern functionality. Measuring 40-inches in height and 33-inches in breadth, it is equally suited for both bedroom and living room.
The furniture features a total of four drawers; two incorporating a pair of eyes each and the other two showing the mouth in two different reactions. Every drawer features its respective space to store multiple items and household accessories. In this case, the top two drawers and the bottom two are regarded as Siamese twins.
Designed and developed by Ronnie Chan and Enoch Kwan of Hong Kong-based Dream Ticket Workshop, it was designed to serve as mini bar in functionality and also a trolley that can be moved around the home. The elements of a bar such as storage for wine bottles and glasses are also included in the unit.


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These outdoor furniture pieces can easily be used in combination with each other to create a comfortable and pleasant relaxation spot in open air. The collection takes into account features like ergonomics, anatomy, and materials so that the furniture seamlessly fits into any public place and provides the required comfort. #karmrashid #karimrashidfurniture #outdoorfurniture
Ethimo is no stranger to us. The Italian firm creates high-quality outdoor furniture with finesse. The brand has now added a new lounge bed designed by the famous French designer Patrick Norguet to its lavish line-up of Swing furniture. #lounge #bed #Loungebed #swingbed
The Hamptons reclinable daybed, designed by Antonio Citterio, is part of Italian brand Flexform’s 2021 collection. It is made of solid iroko wood that is known for its warm appearance and brilliant water resistant and antibacterial properties. The aluminum feet further protect the wood from humidity sinking from the ground.

Chaise Lounges /Loungers

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This two-story family house, which is located near a race track will please any motorsport fan. Apart from being situated in Brainerd International Raceway, the house also has several details and features, designed especially with automotive enthusiasts in mind. For instance, it has a main-floor garage with a lift and room for five cars!
Designed by Resource furniture to meet all the challenges faced by you in a minimal space, the furniture unit can effortlessly transform itself into a work surface to put your laptop on. It will also be of optimal help as it easily transforms into a dining table that can serve up to four people. When not being used, the table can be pushed back to the wall and stored away as a shelving unit or filing cabinet.
Ori Living is famous for transforming robotic furniture seen through its Cloud Bed and Pocket Home Office. The company now released a valuable alteration to its Cloud Bed. It is a Table Edition bed that turns from a sleeping place into a workspace in just 42 seconds.

Transforming Furniture

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Made in collaboration with the renowned baby brand Inglesina, and assembled in Italy, the incredibly chic kids’ carrier is a stylish four-wheel buggy. The adjustable awning protects the babies from both the sun and rain. The stroller safeguards every baby’s well-being, with its innovative ventilation system with a mattress made from natural bamboo fibers providing comfort to the toddler. #babystroller #stroller
Dubbed Bun Van, the limited edition bed is a remarkably designed vehicle bed that has the ability to turn heads with its design and flawless finishing. Evoking the freedom of adventure and open roads in kids’ room, the bed that looks like a replica of the camper van is made from fiberglass and has chrome finishing.
This multi-functional crib by bebebus is made from ABS polymer and aluminum alloy that is lighter, safer and much more convenient than wooden cribs. The crib is pretty easy to use. One simply needs to lay down the crib and take off the lower and the upper cover plates and unfold the entire structure.

Baby Cribs And Rockers

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This is a contemporary take on chaise lounge combining several parts made of marble, brass, steel, and wool. And the most interesting thing is that there is no use of hardware to keep these parts together, rather precision fitting and engineering allows the parts to rely on each other.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor use alike, it can be used as a guest seat or a footstool. Steel frame and Polyethylene seat paired with Polyamide feet make a cool aesthetic. The graphic pattern on the hand-braided footstool is inspired by traditional African motifs.
This bench is made from eucalyptus wood with aluminum support. Its softly rounded lines make it a comfortable and good-looking outdoor furniture item.


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Live Edge River Table
Illuminatus Table by Conor Mcreedy
Illuminatus Table by Conor Mcreedy

Glow in the Dark Furniture

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The Magic Box is a transformative, pop-up whisky tasting installation that celebrates Tasmanian design, craft and whisky. It is designed by the Australian company Liminal Objects in collaboration with Van Tuil Studio. Just as a wine barrel in appearance, it features an adaptable design that can be adjusted according to the size of the get-together. It is designed for presentations and touring while showcasing a slice of Tasmania.
55-gallon steel drums repurposed into amazing furniture collection  #recycled #reporposed #reuse #upcycled
55-gallon steel drums repurposed into amazing furniture collection  #recycled #reporposed #reuse #upcycled

Oil Drum Furniture

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Designed in collaboration with Curve Lab, the Flexy junior bed merges adaptability and flexibility together. Barring all the rhetoric, we are talking of a modular kid’s bed here that might go into the production stage.
The Keeps Bed consists of a solid oak bed frame that can withstand continual assembly and disassembly. The sideboards attach to legs along with end boards and central support, thus forming up the frame. Finally, individual slats are added over the bed.
The Boomerang bed features an adjustable table – spanning across the width of the bed – that can slide back and forth, thanks to a designated sliding zone to make a table accessible for you and your partner in bed.

Bed Design Ideas

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