Gardening Q&A with Tanya Visser : Ask Tanya : The Home Channel

Viewers often send in questions to Tanya Visser, presenter of the gardening show - The Gardener. Below are some of the questions below sent in by our viewers.

Concrete Garden Chair : Gardening : The Home Channel

The Gardener – Episode 3 : Organically Inspired Garden Ornament : Gardening : The Home Channel

Antico Argilla : Design a Garden : The Home Channel

A herbal orchard patio with a simple water feature is inspired by the classical ideals order and beauty of the late Century villas of Rome and Florence Be


In Ancient Rome, the garden was a central part of the home.

Ancient Egypt- “Like the Pharaoh Anew” : Design a Garden : The Home Channel

Final year landscaping students use ancient Egyptian’s Architecture and gardening practices as an inspiration to create this Oasis “like Pharaoh Anew garden”-

A Modern Garden : Design a Garden : The Home Channel

A modern take on garden design, though a garden like this may seem like a complete break with centuries of landscape design when you look closely, you’ll find

Gardening Tips – Episode 13 : Ask Tanya : The Home Channel

Spray your lemon tree with an insecticide to get rid of pests Make sure that you are using a insecticide that is for edible crops. Start a garden bed to plant

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