The Holly & Jack story

Who we are and what we do! H & J was born 17 odd years ago when friends and family all started having babies . We manufacture our own unique brand of furniture…
8 Pins
the logo for holly and jack, a children's clothing line that has stars on it
Thinking of using this square logo design for our newsletter heading.
the label for jelly and jack kids's johannesburg
Had to design a woven label ; doing so much more of our own design linen now. Makes us happy!
a business card for holly & jack furniture linen decor gear, featuring two children holding hands
One of the designs for our new in store business cards. Too fussy!
an advertisement for a children's bed and furniture store, with the words hello and jack on it
Developing our ad style ; like the vintage touch.
two girls standing next to each other in front of a banner with the words we are married on it
One of our opening ads...
two children standing next to each other in front of a wreath with the words season's greetings on it
Drew these two for our Christmas 2015 window.
Jack & Hols age 4. Fashion, Mommies, Age, Style, Cute
Jack & Hols age 4.
two children holding hands with the words hello and jack in blue ink on a white background
The business is named after my twins , Holly & Jack. Logo comes from actual photo of them ....