Happy Easter Day: Happy Easter Quotes, Happy Easter Wishes, Happy Easter Images and Happy Easter Pictures. Easter also called Pasch or Resurrection Sunday is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Believe in yourself. the kitten sees a tiger in its own reflection.

20 Of The Cutest Hamsters You've Ever Seen. ~ The Swinging Hamster Bears

Funny Dogs- funny dog pictures with captions, funny jokes, asinine dog balladry and a accumulating of videos featuring the funn.



Baby Animal of the Day! Duckling: Ducklings are able to walk and leave the nest within just a few hours of being born. Duck's feather are so waterproof that even when they go under water, their feathers don't get wet!

How do I not have a sink full of baby ducks? I need a sink full of baby ducks.

Animals just have a way of making anything interesting. Check out these 25 cute pictures of animals and milk mustaches to see how adorable they can be.