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Happy Easter Day: Happy Easter Quotes, Happy Easter Wishes, Happy Easter Images and Happy Easter Pictures. Easter also called Pasch or Resurrection Sunday is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Believe in yourself. the kitten sees a tiger in its own reflection.

Baby Animal of the Day! Duckling: Ducklings are able to walk and leave the nest within just a few hours of being born. Duck's feather are so waterproof that even when they go under water, their feathers don't get wet!

How do I not have a sink full of baby ducks? I need a sink full of baby ducks.

Animals just have a way of making anything interesting. Check out these 25 cute pictures of animals and milk mustaches to see how adorable they can be.

20 Of The Cutest Hamsters You've Ever Seen. ~ The Swinging Hamster Bears

I am gonna get a rat and give it a tiny teddy bear.