I would like to wish all my wonderful Jigidi friends a very Happy and Blessed Easter. I will be off line starting Friday night but will be back on line Sunday night. I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter. My love and hugs to you all.............Wendy

Man kann oft mehr als man sich selbst zutraut

Baby Animal of the Day! Duckling: Ducklings are able to walk and leave the nest within just a few hours of being born. Duck's feather are so waterproof that even when they go under water, their feathers don't get wet!

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This yummy white stuff here belongs to moi. Okay I am still young please don’t judge me, was I suppose to drink it all or bathe in it the same time. Sorry I got a bit over enthusiastic and jumped right in. What kitten can resist milk or cream.

Any dog owner will tell you that having a dog lick your face in the morning is the best alarm clock in the world. Loving and caring for a pet can be one of - Page 3 of 8

CPL Animal Store. Sound Tips And Advice For Proper Puppy Training. Are you frustrated by your dog's behavior? If so, your dog may be in need of more training. It might take more time and effort to train your dog but will b

Funny Animals, Lustige Tiere, Keefers photo: Beautiful Animals This photo was uploaded by Keefers_ I'm Teddy, he's Stuart Little!