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humphrey mwale
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laundry basket

Use a laundry basket in the bath tub for the baby. It keeps the baby and the toys in a small space. The baby is less likely to slip under the water or hit head on the hard side. After bath just lift and all the toys are in the basket!

by Tara Frazier It’s not always easy to keep your little ones safe around the house, but these simple baby-proofing tips can help. Better still, each one can be performed using everyday household o…

The Oregon Poison Center at OHSU has seen a significant increase in the number of reported marijuana exposures in the past three years. Click the pin to read their safety recommendations to help keep your entire family safe.

Why Toddler Tantrums are Necessary and How to Survive Them!

Trying to get your toddlers to listen? Unfortunately we talk to toddlers all wrong. Stop doing this and stop getting frustrated.