Valentine Herbs: Restore the romance in your life

This being Valentine month, here is a light-hearted look at how herbs can also restore the romance in our lives.
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Peppermint is another herb that lifts the spirits. The essential oil is a stimulant that refreshes the spirit and mind, increasing mental agility and alleviating mental fatigue. Use peppermint as an excuse to introduce some decadence into your life.

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Lavender is the number one romantic herb. It is a complete package; a plant that is delicious to smell, taste, feel and see. It is said to promote passion, harmony, friendship and cooperation with a lover, probably because its key action is as a carminative that acts on the nervous system.

Rosemary represents love and faithfulness and it is valued for raising the spirits which may explain why some cultures have used this herb as an aphrodisiac! Inhale fresh rosemary and you can understand why it opens up the heart. It is an energising herb. Not surprising that it became an emblem of fidelity for lovers, twined into bridal bouquets and given to guests at the wedding. In the spirit of celebration and weddings.

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