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Rain jar Students drop water on several layers of paper towels.  They will notice that when the towel can't hold any more water it drips into the jar.

Creating a rain jar ~ Teach Preschool. This website also has info about cloud jars and the book cloudette.

Add some hands-on fun to your preschool weather theme with this rainy day sensory bin! A bit of science and fine motor are added, too!

During your weather theme, try this rainy weather sensory bin for preschoolers. Hands-on exploration and fun!

3 of my favorite water cycle, rain cycle experiments.  These science experiments are simple to set up and use common household items. http://lessons4littleones.com/2015/04/15/water-cycle-rain-cycle-science-experiments/

Let’s Learn About the Water Cycle! 3 Simple Water Cycle Experiments April is the perfect month to teach students about the water cycle and what makes rain. Here are 3 of my favorite water cy…