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Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil You Never Knew | The WHOot

Coconuts are surprisingly one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The health benefits of coconut range from positive mental benefits to many physiological benefits. See The 3 Week Diet

Natural Remedies fo Red Moles| How to Get Rid of Red Moles

Named by specialists angioma, red moles are vascular abnormalities that may occur both on the skin and the organs. Red moles are divided into vascular tumors (hemangiomas) that disappear spontaneou…

I'm sure a story to tell...

Black and white photography of old wrinkly men. I just want to take pictures of old men with unique faces from different countries and post them on my website. But I want to (Beauty Soul Lost)

says the mother of 14 children…. I am still captivated by her gentle smile and the thousand stories told through her face… Fanny Shiz

“ Photo of an old Samburu woman taken in the outskirts of Maralal in Northern Kenya. Asked about her about her age, all she could say was, that she was born in the year after the big drought. “But age doesn’t matter”, she says.