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Berlin, Berlin Germany

Galleon Vasa

Swedish ship Vasa from 1628 sunk on her maiden voyage in Stockholm harbor. More than 300 years later it was pulled from the harbor floor and is now in the Vasa Warship Museum.

Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire

There are seven characteristics of the companies that outperformed their peer groups:

Forecasting a dark art or a deep science? | David Food | LinkedIn

the best winning strategies applied by thousands of lottery players in the past. With these sure-shot methods they improved their chances of winning and also gave the world simple and easy ways to play good lottery.


innovation is changing the planning vendor space.

Here’s why IBP will be the next big thing: #TGUK #ToolsGroup #supplychain

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a management process, which enables effective decision-making and control over the entire organisation. Whilst IBP sits at the heart of many organisations across…