Stephan V D Heyde

Stephan V D Heyde

Stephan V D Heyde
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Love the outside, inside is great. Different kitchen choices for me though

e build, low carbon footprint, energy efficient, very flexible floor plan, open and very livable home. It could even be painted a bright yellow!

Private villa UAE / Kuwait Sarah sadeq architects

SVOYA Studio have designed a multi-function lounge area in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, that features sunken seating and a drop-down projection screen for watching movies. sunken seating in deck.

HGTV Celebrates 150 Years of Great Design in Canada

The infinity pool has a steel sculpture on the lee side of it designed by AA Robins with holes that match the limestone pattern on the property. When a swimmer jumps in, water sluices through the holes.

Cave house ( Ann Summa ) Curtis Sleeper said they chose to build in the cave because of the serenity and privacy he and his wife felt on the first day they visited the site. The front of the three-bedroom home is constructed from glass doors and used materials bought from a local store. Insulation sealant keeps the interiors 65 to 70 degrees year-round, Curtis said.

Modern day cave men - Amazing house built into a sandstone mine in the side of a mountain in Festus, Missouri, near the banks of the Mississippi River.