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three white boxes with grass in them sitting on the floor next to some wood planks
Nike FC247
As part of the launching of their FC247 Collection, Nike held a media gathering to introduce the 3 new shoes that are designed for playing the game anytime, anywhere. Our task was to translate their punchline "Dominate Every Surface" into the whole setup and we did this by incorporating elements with real-life textures into the collaterals without taking away the functional aspect. Done as Studio 1212.
a display case filled with lots of bottles
Beluga pallet display
Beluga pallet display by Nikolay Grachev, via Behance
a display case in a retail store filled with women's clothing and other items
Moederdag lijsten in de winkel
the inside of an old no 7 brand store with black and yellow accents on display
Glamshops Review
Come Fly With Me - Jack Daniel's duty free store
a display case with many bottles of alcohol in it on a dark background, 3d rendering
Expositor JOHNNIE WALKER on Behance
several bottles of nivea products are on display in a store shelf with blue and white tiles
Nivea - Bajo la ducha
Nivea - Bajo la ducha on Behance
people are sitting on the subway with their feet in the water
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Subway Floor Graphic Whooossshhhh
the packaging is stacked on top of each other
pitufos chocolatina jet
pitufos chocolatina jet by Miguel Angel Mojica Pulido at
the inside of a store filled with toys
PLV M&M's pour Pâques Juan Pablo: Llamar la atención. Los clientes se acercará a visualizar de cerca la publicidad y aunque no compren el producto, se llevarán una buena imagen de la marca
a black chair sitting in front of a display case filled with liquor bottles and jars
an advertisement for suave in spanish with the image of a woman standing next to a shelf filled with bottles
Designer Search | Coroflot
Straza by Edgar Ricardo Gómez Gómez at