igne oyasi turkish lace

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an intricately designed piece of art hanging on the wall
Jolana Davidovičová - Hezkevecicky.eu
an embroidered piece of cloth with flowers and leaves on it is displayed in a white frame
Antepte böyle olur iğne oyası
a close up of a piece of cloth with a flower on it
two pictures showing how to make an ornament with yarn and thread in pink
white flowers and leaves are on the edge of a lace doily
an appliqued piece of paper on top of a table
a red and white lace with flowers on it
Neşe'nin gözdeleri
several white lace doidles on a black background, with small flowers in the center
Neşe"nin gözdeleri
a white lace with pink flowers and leaves on black background, in the shape of a flower
Neşe'nin gözdeleri
a hand holding a white flower in it's left hand, with the word love written
some pink flowers on a white table cloth
İğne oyası çizilmiş modeller