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white flowers growing out of the ground next to rocks
Chelsea Flower Show 2013: Plant of the Centenary shortlist
Saxifraga ‘Tumbling Waters’ Rosettes of silvery foliage topped with magnificent arching spikes of frothy white flowers. Raised in 1913 by renowned rock garden specialist Captain Symons-Jeune, it won the Award of Merit in 1920.
the sun shines through the canopy of a large tree
Save the Yellowwood - South Africa
An Open Letter to the president of South Africa, Dr Jacob Zuma, and African National Congress, is calling for an end to all further logging of our national tree in South Africa, the Yellowwood. It's
an image of a flower that looks like it is made out of glass and has been edited
Kalanchoe tubiflora flowers Photo: Pearl Libres Ilagan #magnificentflowers
a bunch of fruits that are in a mesh bag on some plants with leaves around them
Cultivation and care
CLIVIA: GROWING CLIVIAS FROM SEED: A: Introduction to Clivia seeds: Soon after the plant finished its flowering phase, the berries on the plant will start to develop if they have been properly pollinated. The berries will reach its maximum size but will remain dark green in color for about six months. You can harvest the berries once it starts colouring up and is soft to pressure. This can take from 6 months up to a year after flowering.
some tomatoes in a plastic container on a table
Growing Clivias from seed
Gardening in Africa: Growing Clivias from seed
a person with gloves on holding a plant
How to Simply & Quickly Mount A Phalaenopsis Orchid
The Orchid Doctor - How to Mount an Orchid Part 1 - orchidmania south florida - YouTube
a close up of a glass with some green stuff in it on a wooden table
Sowing Orchid Seeds
I fell in love with Orchids on a trip to Cuba. Then on a trip to Mexico, I got to tour an Orchid Farm. I was amazed at the process of sowing Orchid seeds and decided to try to do it myself.This is not an instant gratification Instructable. The process is very slow, months if not years before they can be displayed in pots or mounted. If anything, I hope this is an interesting read and Good Luck for those that do try.
an orange and yellow flower with green leaves
Rhododendron vireya マレーシアシャクナゲ
Rhododendron Vireya
an orange flower bush sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to a tree
Clivia miniata - Bush Lily / Fire Lily. Fast-growing, evergreen perennial that forms a neat clump of strappy leaves. The orange or yellow flowers are long-lasting and signal end of winter. Tolerates moderate frost, but if affected will quickly recover in summer. After flowering, it bears attractive, bright red berries which if left to ripen, drop to release seeds. Grown in full shade flower later in spring than those which receive a little sun.