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a brown dog sitting in a bathtub next to a shower faucet with the words building a built - in dog wash station
Built In Home Dog Wash Renovation Reveal - Wear Wag Repeat
two pictures of a guinea pig wearing knitted mitts and looking at the camera
Guinea pig
a doll house with lots of windows and doors on the front, sitting next to a red chair
ELIZABETH - Jocelyn Costis Ebenisterie
guinea pig house
three cages are stacked next to each other on the floor
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Extra large two level cage idea
there are three cages that have dogs in them
My cage with other fleece
I have 2 sets of fleece for the cage now, so when I'm cleaning it, I don't have to wait for the fleece to dry <img src="" alt="Smile" />
a blue dog bed sitting on top of a counter
Cuddle Cup Tutorial
Make a cuddle cup for your guinea pigs - sewing tutorial