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Keel-billed Toucan in Costa Rica

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Short-eared owl.

The Short-eared Owl occurs on all continents except Antarctica and Australia - it has one of the largest distributions of any bird. The stunning color is so brilliant!

Behind Blue Eyes - Just a point of fact - most of these cat eyes are Photoshopped by morons who don't know what color eye goes with what breed etc. Some are very pretty, just not natural. That is so cool!

Golden Kaiser-i-Hind butterfly, Teinopalpus aureus. A rare, valuable species found in Vietnam and China. ~via Butterfly Lady, FB

Top 10 Rare or Endangered Butterflies Teinopalpus aureus Surely one of the world's most gorgeous butterflies, Teinopalpus aureus also sports one of the most inharmonious common names out there: "The Golden Kaiser-i-Hind.


I ❤ birds . Blue Bird~ This is from this morning's photos. We tend not to notice how long their wings are. ~By David Kinneer

Cassowaries (ratites) are large flightless birds native to the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands and NE Australia. They grow to 6' tall; up to 140 lbs w stout, powerful legs & long feet w 3 toes.

Proof God has a sense of humor ~ Looks prehistoric! One of the largest and most striking birds in the world--the Cassowary (Indo-Pacifc). This remarkable species can grow to 6 feet, weigh 120 lbs., and can easily kill a human. (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)