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Herman von Straate

Herman von Straate
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Low Carb Bread Buns. Easy to make and gluten free.

This low carb bread bun is a quick and easy bread solution for those looking for something low carb or gluten-free. There is no wheat flour and the bread is sturdy enough to use for sandwiches, burgers and more.

Low Carb Cheddar Bread

Cheddar biscuits 4 eggs cup butter, melted teaspoon salt teaspoon garlic powder cup coconut flour, sifted ounces) teaspoon baking powder 4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, shredded Bake at 15 minutes until as browned as you can get them without burning them.

Easy, healthy chocolate mousse recipe that starts with a can of coconut cream.

Easy, healthy chocolate mousse recipe that starts with a can of coconut cream. Fluffy, creamy and decadent. A dollop of cream tops it perfectly!

The Best No-Carb Cloud Bread with Only 4 Ingredients - I saw this recipe few months ago and with the name like that I knew I had to give it a try. I’m not sure why I waited this long. This Cloud Bread is so soft, airy, fluffy and practically melts in your mouth. It is very delicious home-made bread replacement that is practically carb-free, gluten-free and high in protein.

I’ve come across cloud 9 bread recipes in the past couple of days, My friend pinned this No-Carb Rosemary Cloud Bread from The Big Apple Mama. I definitely want to try this recipe seeing how it only has 4 ingredients and no carbs.

This low-carb bread is a dream if you long for "real" bread. It has a wonderfully crispy crust and a perfect inside. It also toasts well!

The Low-Carb Bread This is extremely satisfying for the bread-lovers on low carb or keto diets! Worked out great although I didn't have psyllium HUSK powder but psyllium SEED powder.