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an old man with white hair and beard wearing a red dress, gold jewelry and a golden crown
7 Kings Who Contributed In The Founding of Rome
an aerial view of a city street with cars parked on the side
Rome - Wall from Vatican to Castel Sant'Angelo
two men kneeling down next to an ancient mosaic
Eros(cupid) mosaic fish hunting in Yumurtalık Museum.Turkey
an artistic drawing of a building being constructed into a giant dome with people around it
El Panteón de Agripa y la cúpula perfecta
a poster with an image of a woman's head and hands in her arms
Diana of Ephesus statue
an illustrated map of the ancient greek city of ephesia
Board games history: ancient Greeks played dice in the Parthenon
Once, on the Acropolis of Athens ancient Greeks used to play board games. They used to roll the dice and play in the Parthenon, the great temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, protector of the ci...
a poster with words describing the different types of crocoplis synaggus
Caesar Trajan
a statue of a man with a horse in front of a building
Rome - Capitoline Hill statues of Castor and Pollux
a bronze statue of a dog and two children
A Brief History of the City of Rome
an ancient statue in front of a wall with other statues on it's sides
Parts of the Colossus of Constantine the Great / Kolossalstatue Konstantins des Großen
a statue of a dog in a room with an ornate ceiling and carpeted floor
Rome Capitoline She-Wolf