Henrietta Kruger

Henrietta Kruger

I'm a typical teenage girl .. I really love girly things like doing my hair and makeup ♡ I also love going to the movies and the ice rink♡
Henrietta Kruger
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This is me & I'm lucky I Found that person & life couldn't be happier ❤️

This is very relatable. Yet I wonder "doesn't some women want to be rescued at times"? Hence women pondering whether chivalry is dead. Having your man kiss you unexpectedly, making you laugh ( being crazy) & going on adventures with you is bliss!

Bucket list. Stargazing Date. We organized a Gymkhana and were parked at a checkpoint in the country. Convertible top came down and we stargazed for hours.

🎶I done seen stars a million times And they only come out at night How come they only shine bright at night? Uh Been around, seen stars all my life They only come out at night They only come out at night Just like us -Rae Sremmurd

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