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Pantry Door Decal Your order includes: • Pantry Decal, measuring 8.5 wide 4.75 high • Installation Instructions (with pictures) Made from

Pantry - Door Label - Organization - Kitchen Decor - Home Decor - Wall Decals - Wall Stickers - Wall Word Sticker Decal 1611 by thestickerhut on Etsy

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RP: A closet for kitchen appliances - Open shelving and pocket doors to hide the clutter! Love the idea of pocket doors for closet space it there is enough wall space for these.

pantry had to be 15' long and 4 1/2' wide. We used 11 1/2"-deep shelving along three walls. On one of the short walls, we put up 4 1/2" she...

Pantry shelf plans Pantry shelf plans Create your own DIY Closet Organization Plan Increasing the storage capacity of any closet with a closet organization system is an