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a kitchen with marble counter tops and shelves filled with wine bottles, glasses, and utensils
Pin by Sherly Fam on Kitchen | Modern home bar, Home bar rooms, Home wet bar
an image of a kitchen with white cabinets and wood flooring on the bottom right hand corner
Trend Alert: Add Mid-Century Lamps To Your Kitchen Décor!
Spottene i de øverste skapene (inni) og annen farge på mellomskapene!
a house with a swimming pool and lounge chairs in front of it at night time
Meadow — Surround Architecture
Meadow — Surround Architecture
the house is lit up at night and reflecting in the pool
Hillsborough: A Renovation of Edward Lutyens-Inspired Home with Timeless Character
The architect gives a full-service design to this project with a complete facility for the interiors, including the custom millwork and the house furnishings to bespoke art selection and area rugs. The materials are simple yet luxurious, creating detail and a cohesive sensibility to combine the modern and traditional style. #architecture
a house with a swimming pool and lounge chairs in front of the house at dusk
Modern Farmhouse | By Surround Architecture
Modern Farmhouse StyleHome Design By Surround Architects Surround Architecture are an award-winning architectural design firm in Boulder, Colorado. They produce stunning modern homes that connect effortlessly with the environment.
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
5+ Exhilarating Remodeling Your Kitchen Should You Get A Dishwasher Ideas
a kitchen with white counter tops and stools next to an island in the middle
a modern kitchen with white stools and an island in the middle is lit by recessed lighting