Phillip Hendriks

Phillip Hendriks

Phillip Hendriks
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Simple cat tree you can do it yourself

Cat Climbing Tree (Mille Makes), with link to construction pictures and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

This climbing structure leads to two catwalks. The whole assembly is known as Kitty City. Photo by Marjorie Darrow and Ryan Davis

Cat Dandy Talks “Catification” with Style Guru Kate Benjamin - Catster

Gato alpinista❤

Something a bit more elaborate than this leading up to our moon living room window? I could tie it into the tree-house theme I'm thinking of doing. It could just look like a platform tree house at the top of the "tree". -

This is what the walls in Cat Heaven must look like! Covered in fabric mazes, easy to climb and easy to cling to. [But what do those dowels add?

cat ladder

Here is another cat-ladder that is for sale, or as good inspiration for a custom build.

Question: How much do you love your cat? Answer: not as much as these guys. 1. All the cats who live here have ADHD. Image source: The Cat’s House 2.

15 Incredible Cat Adventure Playgrounds & Their Ungrateful Residents