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Stick of Butter Rice, the best rice you will ever eat...promise! If you want to, you can add a small can of mushrooms to this dish!

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You can thank concealer for covering up those dreaded blemishes, dark circles and mask the appearance of under eye bags. You can also use it in different techniques to highlight and jazz up your best facial features. Some may not realize the way you apply concealer can aid tremendously in your overall look. There are many different ways and makeup hacks that can make the process easier and more effective.

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I'm never putting eyeliner on the same ever again. Pin now read later.

Tightlining - probably the best way to put eyeliner on to add great definition to your lashes. Basically, you put eye liner (gel or pencil) in between each lash in your lash line (makeup, diy, beauty tips)

book nook

Window seat with arched window and built in bookshelves behind. Have the bookshelves facing the room, make the window seat more like a chaise, and this might work for me.