Maria Bezuidenhout

Maria Bezuidenhout

Potchefstroom / day dreamer, permanent resident in Nerdville, Marketing management student, lover of lyrics, music and horses.
Maria Bezuidenhout
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Infographic: "Feeding Your Horse" ... Are you confused about equine nutrition or wanting to make sure your horse's diet is complete? Learn how to feed your horse in this step-by-step visual guide!

♥ Horse Stuff ♥ Considerations on feeding. I believe we used the book "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" in college, which provides charts breaking down intake amount compared to age, work, and reproductive state.

polo wrap tutorial

Leg wrapping the right way. I see so many not wrap correctly. At one glance look for the inverted V.

Bacon and Beer Cupcakes. ‘Nuff Said.

You've got your Father's Day card picked out, but what about making a handmade gift for your old man? From wine bottle tumblers to homemade beef jerky, here are 40 DIY gift ideas for Father's Day!