Londolozi Granite Suites, Luxury Safari lodges, South Africa

The Lodges of Londolozi Game Reserve - Outdoor bath looking onto the sand river at Private Granite Suites

The country with the most official languages. English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, Xitsonga, siSwati, isiNdebele and Tshivenda.  India has 18 languages that are recognised by its constitution and can be considered as official, however the difference is that each language is recognised as the official language of a certain area e.g Kashmiri in Kashmir.

South Africa: The country with the most official languages - Afrikaans is die DERDE GROOTSTE TAAL in die land, en word die meeste misken.

This is my mantra, its in Afrikaans - I say it in a semi ironic way - it means loosely figure it out, don't walk away, get it done - real translation 'A Farmer makes a Plan'

We have a new supplier at Vamp called 'Boerdha Ontwerp'! Boerdha Ontwerp is the love child of husband-and-wife team Jan and Elsmie Otto.

South African, Mampoer Litchi with barb wire around the bottle and a 50% alcohol volume! #packaging

Only in South Africa

Afrikaans Phrases

Essential Afrikaans Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation