Helen Van Niekerk

Helen Van Niekerk

Johannesburg, South Africa / Currently I am a homeschooling mom. BC (before kids) I was a computer consultant. Currently interested in Education, Books, Art, Botany - interests subject to c
Helen Van Niekerk
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Nelson Mandela hand drawn pencil on paper by MuddCraft on Etsy

Items similar to Nelson Mandela, original pencil drawing, brown on corn colored paper, smiling, tranquility on Etsy

How was Rome governed

Rome had a one-man ruler system for 100 CE and before. It was established for Augustus, that the emperors would be worshiped as gods.

Roman military

History week Roman Empire- Map of Roman empire c.) - can be used with Story of the World blank map - chapter 34

Roman Military banner.svg

A Roman legion normally indicates the basic ancient Roman army unit recruited…