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GOING LOCAL: Traditional #hertzoggies pack a fruity punch! Plus, they're a truly South African sweet treat.  #dailydish #picknpay #freshliving

GOING LOCAL: Traditional #hertzoggies pack a fruity punch! Plus, they're a truly South African sweet treat. #dailydish #picknpay #freshliving

Die lekkerste hoenderpasteie

Die lekkerste hoenderpasteie

Om inviduele hoenderpasteie te maak is ’n plesier vir die mense wat dit eet. (Ek gebruik die groot muffinpanne en dié hoeveelheid is genoeg vir 10 pasteie.) Jy kan ook een groot pastei maak, maar sit dan die deeg net boop en nie onderin die pan nie.

These are the best South African Date Balls Recipe and I have been making them for 25 years. No Egg!!! You do not need Egg!

Date Balls

My brother’s mom-in-law introduced me to these ever so moreish, melt in the mouth treats. They are seriously addictive and I truly have to limit myself to just a couple at a time. They also…

Pampoen poffertjies

My gran's pumpkin fritters | Pampoen koekies - Simply Delicious

43 reviews
40 minutes

Light and fluffy pumpkin fritters (pampoen koekies) with caramel sauce. This recipe handed down to me by my gran is nostalgia on a plate.

Home - Love Biltong

Love Biltong - We have a collection of Recipes from South Africa that are world favourites. You can make biltong, droewors and boerewors at home easily.

Boerebeskuit: Literally meaning "farmers rusks", a South African food legacy from the Voortrekkers’ nomadic way of life.

Fascinating South African Food Adventure, South Africa Food Safari

The South African food scene offers a fascinating variety of delicious dishes. Join us on an exciting South Africa food safari.

Fabulous Frikkadels: A beloved South African dish.   South African meat balls – frikkadels – are a popular meal served hot or cold. While some people pop frikkadels into a tomato-based sauce and make a more “Italian”-type meatball and spaghetti dish, our family loved the crunchiness of the fried meatball, served with fluffy mashed potatoes and peas.

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