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7 Years at Hogwarts  17 is when you become an adult in the wizarding world      7 Is a lucky number (:

Funny pictures about Harry's Lucky Number. Oh, and cool pics about Harry's Lucky Number. Also, Harry's Lucky Number photos.

The picture speaks

Funny pictures about Magic Friends Forever. Oh, and cool pics about Magic Friends Forever. Also, Magic Friends Forever photos.

"When I'm 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I'll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to, 'After all this time.' and I will say, 'Always.'" - Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman aka Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies! Professor Snape is my favorite character in the series and Alan Rickman was the perfect actor to play him! I absolutely positively love this quote from him!

Oops!  Looks like its Team Wizards Blasting Off Again!

Funny pictures about Team Rocket is back. Oh, and cool pics about Team Rocket is back. Also, Team Rocket is back photos.

Outsidepride Magic Carpet Creeping Thyme - 1000 Seeds

Red Creeping Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum 'Magic Carpet') hardy drought tolerant perennial, pink lemon-scented blooms all summer, inches tall.

НейлХакерша | Маникюр | Ногти

НейлХакерша | Маникюр | Ногти

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Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs during a concert at Bercy arena in Paris. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department says it is searching Justin Bieber's home for evidence in an egg-tossing vandalism case involving the pop star.