Hein Dash
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Side Swept Crew Cut

Have no idea who this is found him scrolling thru looking for ryan reynolds . this bloke is delish . look at the smouldery eyes.

Simple Guys Armband Tattoo Of Two Solid Black Ines                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Simple Guys Armband Tattoo Of Two Solid Black Ines

Bacon and egg fried rice

Bacon and egg fried rice -- add chicken broth and sausage

TALON portable tank robot - 100lbs, amphibious. Versions used in WTC rescue, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan. Soon to be weaponized. the future

The TALON is a man-portable robot operating on small treads which can be activated using Joystick control. TALON robots can be configured with or machine guns or Barrett rifles

MAN CHAIR!!!   LOL  Emperor 1510 LX workstation.

My badass, dream work station - the Emperor 1510 LX workstation. The future of comfort and efficiency has arrived.

5 Must Have Shoes in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Possibly a move towards the drunken fashionista market. Seemingly tailor-made for idiots who need to conceal their inability to pee straight in public toilets.