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Why this so hilarious?

The Proper Way To Use A Handrail - was not expected (gif) it took me a couple of times to watch it to finally get how he was doing that

Who's a good fish? GIF

Who's a good fish? Curious Pufferfish Discovers He Really, Really Likes Being Petted

Sharerz Comparte Diversion

Awwee one of my favorite types of doggies ! he is so adorable! This Is A Very Clever Shiba Inu

Welcome Bestias

The Little Mermaid reenacted in a ball pit. "Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they play all day in the balls!"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< this is beautiful XD

Melt your mind with these optical illusions!<< some for me are simply indescribable... :O

I fucking lost my pencil sharpener and now I can't draw cause all my pencils suck and it's not like I even need a pencil sharpener like I've literally sharpened pencils with my teeth when I'm desperate but I needed that sharpener and it tore out my heart

Flip the picture

Funny pictures about Oh please don't flip it. Oh, and cool pics about Oh please don't flip it. Also, Oh please don't flip it.