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a painting of a zebra on a wall with geometric shapes and colors in the background
Zebras, zebras...It is my fav!
a green frog sitting on top of a white wall
an old black and white drawing of giraffes and lions in the wild
Showcase - Janusz Grabianski
a drawing of two giraffes standing next to each other
a paper plate that has a lion on it
a drawing of a cat with green eyes on it's face and back paws
A tortoise emerging from a very messy desk full of paper scraps. #cutpapercollage #cutpaperart #tortoise | Instagram
a drawing of a lizard made out of different types of paper and collages
a dog with its tongue out sitting at a table next to a bottle and spoon
tee shirt design 15
an orange cat sleeping in a bed with stuffed animals on the side and behind it
an illustration of a whale swimming in the ocean
The Whale