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Our plush toys have been designed with awesome kids in mind. Perfect for little hearts to cuddle at night and dream of big African adventures.

AFRICA DECORATION – The Heartfelt Project - from Africa with love this Christmas!


Africa. It has our heart. Our hopes and dreams. Every smile, every sunset, every person. Even through the hardship we feel comforted. To us it’s not just a place – it is a feeling of true belonging. So we designed our Africa Decorations as a celebration of our continent. Each handmade with love and filled with hope. Ha

HOPE DECORATION – The Heartfelt Project


Hope. It stops us from giving up, even when life gets hard. It keeps us dreaming. Keeps us motivated. Keeps us going. We feel it every time we walk into our workshop. With every new order. Through every new connection. And somehow it always shows up when we least expect it. So we try our very best to keep hope in our h

LOVE DECORATION – The Heartfelt Project


Love. Our favourite subject. It’s the stuff that binds us. The reason we are all here. Our biggest teacher. Our Love Decorations are filled with it. They are yours to lavishly love your tree with. Your family with. Your friends with. They have been created out of love. Made with love. They give love. Get love. Are love

PEACE DECORATION – The Heartfelt Project    Hang it on your Christmas tree or around the house so that as the chaos unfolds over the holiday season, you can use it to centre yourself back to your happy place.    Hand-stitched from the finest quality felt. Sold in sets of 2 to represent inner and outer peace.


Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. Our Peace Decoration represents a calm heart, especially in the midst of all the chaos that the holiday planning and family dynamics can bring. Hang it on

JOY DECORATION – The Heartfelt Project


Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are. We choose joy. Which gave us an idea. You can choose joy too. So we made this beautiful Joy Decoration. Hang it on your Christmas tree or around the house - it's been designed to help you bring joy to the world. Hand-stitched fro

KINDNESS DECORATION – The Heartfelt Project    Made with love and filled with hope. Christmas has never felt so good!


We’ve experienced so much kindness, from so many people. So that got us thinking. If random acts of kindness no matter how small – can change lives. Why not design a heart that could change a whole community? So this is our Kindness Decoration. Our thank you to the world for giving us hope. Hang it on your Christmas tr