Women more likely to remember plus-size models

Plus size summer clothes come in many styles and trends. The key to incorporating summer trends to your plus size wardrobe is confidence and ease of wear.

Walk your way to better brain health

A study has shown that walking results in a significant increase in blood flow to the brain.

Walk your way to better brain health

A study has shown that walking results in a significant increase in blood flow to the brain.

Doctors warn SA mental healthcare collapsing after Esidimeni

Man spends 43 years in wheelchair on wrong diagnosis - Times LIVE

Animals used in therapy

What if you could have therapy that included a dog? Well, it turns out you can and it’s called animal-assisted therapy.

When oxygen runs low, the naked mole-rat finds a way

They might be weird looking, but these unusual rats possess amazing protection against cancer.

Pregnancy loss may cause PTSD

Ginny Lefever Answers Your Questions About PTSD and Wrongful Conviction - Innocence Project Innocence Project

Troubled childhood may boost bipolar risk

The Catholic Church, Children and Same-Sex Parenting - Deliberately depriving children of a relationship with one of their parents is an injustice to the children.

Bigger brain just part of the story in human intelligence

Study says people got smarter as their bodies evolved to feed more blood to the brain

Know the facts about depression this Mental Health Awareness Month

July is Mental Health Awareness Month, when people with mental problems are encouraged to find the help and treatment they need.

How to deal with the crippling effects of low self-esteem

We discuss the dangers of low self-esteem, and explain how psychotherapy can help those caught in this potentially harmful cycle.

Bipolar disorder more complex than previously believed

Common reasons why people don’t seek mental health treatment - Florida Mental Health Helpline

SA psychologists need to get involved at grassroot level

South African psychologists need to become more engaged in advocating for social justice to respond to the challenges faced by the majority of people living in South Africa, according to a community service clinical psychologist.

Who will look after my disabled child while I work?

National Brain Tumor Society: Advanced Research Widowed women have lower frailty risk than married women, study finds

Spiders' size exaggerated in minds of those who fear them

Women with spider phobia tend to overestimate the size of these arachnids, according to an Israeli study.