HIV and AIDS are worldwide epidemics that result in illness and death of millions every year. Follow this board to learn more about HIV/AIDS or visit Health24's HIV/AIDS Centre for more information:
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Scientists outline strategy for Aids cure

-Scientists have developed new fluorescent probes that prove the existence of 'raft domains' in the live cell membrane -- opening new possibilities to study how toxins and viruses invade cells.

'I have never had sex, so how could I be HIV positive?'

A girl learned that she inherited her HIV status from her parents, who died when she was very young.

Limpopo ARV shortage not due to unrest

Officials insist that the ARV challenge they're experiencing in Limpopo is not caused by protests in area; it is a national problem.

Your foreskin may increase your HIV risk

of routine infant circumcisions in the U. are performed with little to no anesthesia. Look at the diagram below and tell me that wouldn't be the worst possible pain ever imaginable!

How locals are raising HIV awareness

People are encouraged to wear beaded red ribbons on Fridays to support those affected with HIV and Aids in the build-up to World Aids Day on 1 December.

Dear HIV: an open letter to my disease

A woman from the North West has dubbed herself a HIVictor and is “unapologetically loud and in your face” about being HIV positive.

‘I will leave my partner if he is HIV positive’

Many potential partners still believe you are dirty, cursed and promiscuous if you are HIV positive.

'HIV doesn’t kill – stigma does'

After nearly three decades of media exposure, HIV/Aids still carries a stigma.

HIV accompanied by many other conditions

There's a growing group of South Africans who are dealing with both HIV and other chronic diseases that have no cure and need constant management.

Shocking: 70% of SA sex workers don’t protect themselves against HIV

Scientific studies have shown that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is effective in protecting people from HIV during both anal and vaginal sex.

SA parents ‘happy’ to circumcise babies to prevent HIV

12 signs of a sleepy baby. When your baby becomes overtired it can be a real challenge to get them to calm down enough to sleep, so keep an eye out for these early signals your baby might be ready for a snooze.

Girl raped at 11: ‘The justice system is failing us’

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HIV positive teens have to skip school to get ARVs

Clinic operating hours need to be lengthened to offer young people the opportunity to get their medication after school.

Quintin Jonck, HIV

Quintin Jonck was diagnosed with HIV about 18 years ago. Today, he’s happily married with three healthy children.