What do the stars predict for SA in 2016?

Zodiac Traits -- Use Personality Types from Astrology for Character Development! This Master Post links to individual posts about the 12 zodiac signs.

Why fidgeting may be good for your health

Researchers found that women who did a lot of sitting, but were either moderately or very fidgety had a risk of early death that was similar to that of more active women.

The easy way for employers to test if their workers are taking drugs

South African organisations need to have no-drug policies in place – enforced by means of drug testing, especially saliva testing.

Could working night shift damage your DNA?

There are signs that the body's ability to repair DNA damage is diminished when people work at night.

Unhappiness at work may lead to ill health in middle age

Is it bad? I am really surprised at this number. 4 out of 10 corporate employees are depressed. What is the reason according to you? Corporate Indian Employees Suffering From Depression: ASSOCHAM On World health Day

'Walking meetings' may boost employees' health and productivity

Walking is known to have tremendous health benefits, and according to a study, converting office meetings to 'walking meetings' may raise physical activity considerably.

Jobs take high toll on Americans

Business People Meeting Discussion Working Office Concept - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

‘Smart drugs’ are making workplaces more competitive

Levothyroxine (Leventa, Novothyrox, Synthroid) is a synthetic form of one of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland. If you have an underactive.

Fraudulent doctor's notes costing SA millions

Among other things, the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is addressing the problem of local doctors who write fraudulent sick notes, costing the country millions of rands in lost productivity each year.

Hospital tuck shop tenders leave disabled unemployed

Disabled caterers in northern Limpopo marched to the Vhemba District health offices to protest against the tender for hospital tuck shops, which took their jobs away.

The boss from hell?

Oh yes, and then there are the impossible deadlines and the blame-shifting. Is he or she the boss from hell?

What's it's really like to work in a call centre

Calls to and from a call centre can drive you crazy - but here's what it's really like for people who work in one of these environments.

Office workers need to get on their feet

Studies have found that taking micro breaks at your desk can improve your work performance, reduce your fatigue as well as reduce your aches and pain.