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The digital revolution brings us a host of technical solutions to managing our own health. But there is a downside too - such as the intrusion of social media and apps and the effect it has on our mental health. Here you'll find all the latest stories on the world of digital health.
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Posting to Facebook while driving appears to have played a role in an American woman’s fatal car crash.

Courtney Sanford's decided to take a selfie while driving. Her last words are especially painful and a wake up call to anyone who texts while driving.

Social media may increase depression in teens |

Cyberbullying has become a major concern for parents, particularly for parents of children in middle school and high school. Just like “old fashioned” school yard bullying, though, it can be diffic.

Malaysian entrepreneur Matt Chandran believes his so-called digital autopsy could largely displace the traditional knife-bound one, speeding up investigations.

When robot surgeries go wrong. Is it time to curb the robot enthusiasm?

Research shows that people who lie in digital conversations take longer to respond and make more edits before they hit send.

Teens, Texting and Driving = Lethal: The OBD Device Offers Help ~ Just ask your insurance carrier for one. It works with all cellular carriers.

A digital pill can tell if you're taking your meds

A new system will enable doctors to track how many pills their patients actually take, as opposed to the number of pills they are given.

Video chats with your doctor becoming a reality

Many people don't have easy access to medical care, so 'telemedicine' has stepped in to help fill the gap.

Twitter broadens discussions about death and grief

Here are some expert social media tips for sales reps. Social media is more than a way to build your brand;

Daytime bright light may counter insomnia caused by devices

A study suggests that sufficient exposure to daylight may help people sleep better after being exposed at bedtime to the blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets.

New research suggests that dealing with work-related email after work hours adds to emotional exhaustion and upsets work-family balance.

New research suggests that dealing with work-related email after work hours adds to emotional exhaustion and upsets work-family balance.

Pounding a game controller or computer mouse for hours can cause inflammation of the tendons of the hand, as well as neck and back pain, according to an orthopaedic hand surgeon.

Game Designers are the architects of video games and develop a vision of what the games should look like.

5 ways Pokémon Go can improve your health

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, but what are the health benefits of hunting virtual monsters in your neighbourhood?

New iPhone software encourages organ donation

Apple is adding the option for users to register as organ donors by clicking a new button within the iPhone's Health app.

New health app a hit in SA clinics

Instant messaging services are set to overtake SMS usage in South Africa in the coming year, says a local technology expert.

5 apps you can use to report rape

Social workers who have had contact with systems of care hold a degree of knowledge of how it feels to seek out services. An understanding of what can make the mental health system easier to navigate can be incredibly useful for service providers.

Are selfies destroying your relationship?

Are selfies destroying your relationship?