Catalogue of DNA helps locate roots of disease

What's your exercise DNA? A simple DNA test could boost your training and performance by giving you some insight into the kind of exercise to which you might be suited best genetically.

How your Neanderthal genes may affect your health.

Modern humans carry bits of Neanderthal genes that appear to influence certain human traits and diseases, according to scientists.

Human right-handedness might go back almost 2 million years

According to researchers striations on teeth in a Homo habilis jaw found in Tanzania offer the earliest fossil evidence of right-handedness.

Project to map every cell in human body

According to international scientists, successful description of all the cells in the healthy human body will affect almost every aspect of biology and medicine in the decades to come.

Inhaled form of Parkinson's drug may help during 'off' periods

Parkinson's: Mutant gene interaction may pave the way for new treatments

Bangladeshi boy with 'old man' illness baffles doctors

Doctors at a top Bangladeshi hospital agreed to diagnose and treat a boy born with excess skin that hangs from his limbs and face, making him look like an old man.

Severe birth defects don't have to be a death sentence

Results of studies suggest that severe birth defects are not always as lethal as doctors have advised parents in the past.

Scientists might soon store info in human DNA

Read about how a combination of mutations in two genes caused multiple sclerosis in a Canadian family, suggesting that in rare cases, MS can be inherited.

Generic meds applications causing 'bottleneck' at MCC

The Medicine Control Council should limit generic applications to seven per innovator medicine to cut the backlog that is blocking cheaper, better drugs from entering the SA market.

US companies selling unapproved stem cell treatments

US companies selling unapproved stem cell treatments

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