Does Justin Bieber really have pink eye?

Truth About Justin Bieber Throws Fan's Gift Revealed; Selena Gomez's Ex Did Not Disrespect Argentinian Flag

Improper use of contact lenses can trigger serious eye damage

Improper wear and care of contact lenses can cause eye infections that sometimes lead to serious, long-term damage, according to a new report.

Africa needs a sustainable solution for cataract blindness

of the estimated 20 million people blinded by untreated cataracts live in lower income areas where they lack access to care.

Green, leafy vegetables may keep glaucoma at bay

A large population study found that higher consumption of green leafy vegetables appears to decrease glaucoma risk.

UK surgeons use stem cells to treat macular degeneration |

UK surgeons use stem cells to treat macular degeneration

Fix your eye problems |

Itching, burning, red eyes can be caused by outdoor triggers or dust in your home. While it’s best to avoid your trigger, sometimes eye allergies are just inevitable. Here are three at home remedies that you can try to reduce itchiness and swelling.

Meet the woman with the world's longest eyelashes

But this woman takes it to a whole new level.

Explainer: What are cataracts?

Cataracts may progress for many years before being diagnosed. If left untreated, however, they may eventually cause severe visual impairment in the affected eye.

Laser pointers can cause serious eye damage in kids

If a laser hits your central vision, you may have dramatic loss of vision immediately that never recovers.

FDA approves eye implant for better focusing

Those interested in improving vision should rely on San Diego laser eye surgery which uses advanced laser vision correction technology

Scientists use stem cells to correct infants' cataracts

In babies, removing the eye's damaged lens, while leaving native stem cells behind, can lead to the degeneration of a healthy lens.

World Glaucoma Week – raising awareness of this major cause of blindness

Dry Eyes Management: Tear substitutes form the mainstay of treatment. They are aqueous solutions containing polymers that determine their viscosity, retention time and adhesion to ocular surface.

Eat eggs with your veggies for good eyesight

Easter, the time reconnect with your inner Paleo as you hunt and gather chocolate eggs or take some time to hammer out a classicly twisted & vegemite-loaded hot cross bun or two.

Kids with eye tumours face long-term problems

Compared to a control group of adults, retinoblastoma survivors were more likely to have various types of health problems.

102-year-old KZN woman can see again after cataract surgery

KZN woman can see again after cataract surgery

How a neurologist can examine your brain through your eyes|

Spina bifida and hydrocephalus: Two interlinked global challenges, two plans of attack