Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological syndrome characterised by poor concentration and organisational skills, easy distractibility, low tolerance for frustration or boredom, a greater tendency to say or do whatever comes to mind (impulsivity) and enjoy high intesity situations.
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Do ADHD medications really increase the risk of suicide?

Researchers from Montreal believe that suicide warnings on ADHD medications are misleading and may cause confusion in those diagnosed with the condition.

Is ADHD linked to traumatic brain injuries?

Kids' Mild Brain Injury Can Have Long-Term Effects

7 dangerous medication mistakes

Side effects kill thousands but our data on them is flawed

Diet in pregnancy may influence child's odds for ADHD

Results of a new study suggest that promoting a healthy prenatal diet may ultimately lower ADHD symptoms and conduct problems in children.

Meds may curb risky behaviours in kids with ADHD

A study found that children with ADHD who took medication were less likely to have a substance abuse disorder and also less likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease.

Paracetamol during pregnancy tied to ADHD risk in kids

When pregnant women in Britain used acetominophen (paracetamol), it appeared to increase the risk of behaviour problems cropping up in their children by the time they turned seven.

Students with ADHD more likely to misuse stimulant drugs

Did you know that Johnson & Johnson's over-the-counter drug Tylenol, which has been recalled several times, is the main cause of acute liver failure in the U.

3 surprising conditions for which Ritalin is used

What is ADD support? Learn why parents need ADD support and how to find ADHD support. Info on how ADHD support groups help parents with ADD children.