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an empty hallway with stairs and potted plants
an entryway with stairs and glass doors leading up to the second floor, next to a potted plant
Step into this Newport Beach house with a stunning East coast vibe
a wine cellar with glass walls and stairs
Art Deco-inspired abode with a hidden gem under the stairs
a modern staircase with plants in the middle
Modren Home Stairs design ideas 2023
an empty room with wood floors and glass railings on the stairs leading up to the second floor
10 Ways to Make Your Staircase a Showstopper – The Finishing Store
a stair case with glass railings and wood flooring in a modern home setting
a living room with yellow accents and white walls
The Power of Color in Unexpected Places
a bicycle is parked in front of the stairs and railings to an open floor plan
Proyecto de interiorismo unifamiliar en Carlet, Valencia
two pictures of a living room and dining area with stairs leading up to the second floor
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls has a stair case in the center