Orchid Kokedama

Orchid Kokedama- when the 'daddy person' died, you missed his sharing his orchids with you. (no disrespect here).

Shortbread All Butter Biscuits 500g

Shortbread All Butter Biscuits for mum to have with her morning tea.

Bulk Speciality Roses

Value Speciality Roses 15 Stems

Cabernet Bouquet

Cabernet Bouquet ,every occasion needs beautiful flowers especially for my mum on mothers day R

Bonne Maman Fig Preserve 370g

The Bonne Maman Fig Preserve is the sweetness your life so richly deserve

Italian Gorgonzola 150g

Italian Gorgonzola Semi Soft Medium Fat Cheese 150g

Le Rustique Brie 200g

Le Rustique Brie 200g

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Pecorino Romano Avg 250g

Pecorino Romano Avg 250g