Reason #38 We have different races

Where else in the world can you have ostrich racing? Come to South Africa

Reason #41 We wear our hearts on our heads

it's not just the soccer world cup that is on south african shores but the great grand rounds, something that some would say is far .

Reason #9 We have great athletes

South African Car Guards Are Athletes, Funny Nando's Advert

Reason #44 We take our news seriously

In South Africa, we have the Daily Sun

Reason #20 We have our own siestas

South Africa under black rule has plummeted from the most advanced country on the African continent, just twenty or so years ago, to an increasingly typical Third World tin-pot ramshackle state, su.

Reason #28 We have great comedians

African National Congress Youth Leader (ANCYL) Julius Malema Julius many Juli

Reason #13 We have the African ‘Riverdance’

Reason We have the African ‘Riverdance’ Original (South Africa)

San Francisco Inner Sunset Farmers' Market

San Francisco Inner Sunset Farmers' Market is a local farmers' market in San Francisco, California. LocalHarvest helps you find local, organic, farm-fresh food near you.

The Manenberg House

Renovating a building to make a home for those coming off drugs and out of gangs in Manenberg, one of Cape Town's most dangerous communities.