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Chic cut-stone walkway    Pebbles are too smooth and round to make a suitable paving if left free to roll around. But when set in concrete with their flattest side up, they create a perfectly ­navigable path with an interesting texture.

River Rocks with ball fountain. I would need breaks in the stone for drainage. Chic cut-stone walkway - Landscaping Ideas with Stone - Sunset

Ambiente externo gostoso para curtir o final de semana com amigos ou família.

Find backyard inspiration with these 20 amazing backyard living outdoor spaces. Glean ideas for your backyard outdoor rooms and find outdoor furniture ideas for your space.

This award-winning show garden by Melbourne-based Alison Douglas Design is just the inspiration...

This award winning garden design uses concrete pipes to create seating, a water feature, and a fire pit-pergola alternative


Permeable hardscaping retains moisture and helps reduce the need for watering. Courtesy of Tahvory Bunting / Denver Image Photography.

Mexican pebbles gutter around the stone patio.

Mexican pebbles gutter around the stone patio. Maybe frame in the pea pebble patio with this?

Haynie Residents contemporary landscape.  You can use this with most of the bordering between elements.

Concrete edged by stone is a pleasant contrast in texture; contemporary landscape by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture. I'd like colorful stones.