Lamb shank potjie

The perfect lamb shank potjie recipe with Checkers' Certified Natural Lamb which is free-range, free of antibiotics and free of added hormones.

Oxtail and red wine potjie - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography. Not sure what to replace oxtail with.

Oxtail and red wine potjie

Afrikaner Oxtail and Red Wine Potjie - a South African Stew Recipe - Cook Sister Read Recipe by NeedsToKnow

Oxtail potjie

Oxtail potjie

Namibian Potjiekos Recipe: A potjie is fantastic for any safari you go on, it is a very social occasion with everyone helping out with the preparation of the meat and vegetables and then sitting around the fire as it bubbles away. This is a great recipe f

This delicious lamb potjie can also be cooked in the oven or on the stove.

Sunday 24 September - Heritage day is looming, and you're expected to get your braai on !ahhh, the delights of the bubbling black potjie pot!

Rich Beef And Mushroom Potjie

Here are the top 13 South African dishes you must have on your table whenever you visit the rainbow nation. South African cuisine are very tasty and inviting to all and sundry. Most South African t…

Creamy Beef Poitjie

Creamy beef potjie