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an advertisement for white man went wrong in the wild west, with information about it
Indian Chief’s Thoughts – Via My Brother; Funny Stuff
"..only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that."
a minion with blue hair standing in front of a quote
I Never Make The Same Mistake Twice Minion
I Never Make The Same Mistake Twice Minion More
a yellow minion with an octopus on it's head and the words i might look like i'm doing nothing but in my head i'm quite busy
Busy in my head
a yellow minion with glasses on it's face and the words never go to bed angry stay awake and plot reverse
two minion characters with captioning in spanish and english, one is wearing overalls
Humor at its best
a minion with the words don't judge me i was born to be true, not perfect
True dat!!!
a minion with the words, just because i'm not talking doesn't mean
It doesn't happen very often though...sorry!
Cute Funny Minion Quotes gallery (11:23:58 PM, Wednesday 29, July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics Favorite Quotes, Freaking Hilarious, Best Quotes
Credit cards with Minions pictures (09:16:52 AM, Saturday 07, November 2015 PST) - 10 pics - Minion Quotes
Cute Funny Minion Quotes gallery (11:23:58 PM, Wednesday 29, July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics
a minion with glasses and a beard standing in front of a sign that says it's funny how good i am at giving advice to others, but when it comes to help helping my
a minion with the words i love waking at random people because you know for the rest of the day they're trying
Minion - random people
a minion with the caption i'm pretty certain that there is nothing more satisfied in life than sleeping while someone else gets ready for work
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an emoticion actually means feelings
Here’s what every emoticon really means
Emotions Explained
a woman holding a coffee cup in front of her face with the caption, each human is a complex creature
a baby dressed in a tuxedo and pointing at something with caption that reads, if illinois rises takes again they'll have to answer to me
Public Health Memes
You tell ‘em baby! When possible, breastfeeding is best!
a baby laying on top of a bed with a quote above it that says if olive oil is made of olives then, baby oil is made of
In Need of a Laugh...... - Cottage in the Oaks
Adorable. The kid, not the joke.!