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an older man holding a young child with the words it is my honor, my pri
Grandma's Love
an old couple walking down the street with their arms around each other, saying to my husband
Staripy to My Husband Poster - The for You Husband - Birthday Gift
two hands holding each other with the words to my husband
a coffee mug with an image of a bear sitting on a bench that says to my wife
Into The Mystic | Love my husband quotes, Love my wife quotes, Husband quotes
a baby with a tiara on it's head and the words daughter, a female child, a daughter is a person who grows up to be your friend
a wooden sign with a cardinal sitting on a branch and the words i never left you
Pin on Momma
a black and white photo with an image of a child's face on it
At The End Of The Day Be Content
At The End Of The Day Be Content
some day i'll tell my children poem written on an old parchment paper background
Pin by Katie 007 on Quotes | Quotes about motherhood, My children quotes, Mother quotes
a poster with the words to my amazing grandson
Pin by Linh Vương on Biker Poster | Grandmother quotes funny, Grandkids quotes, Quotes about grandchildren