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DIY Crafty Butterflies
This beautiful Butterfly Craft will not disappoint. It’s easy to create making use of only a few materials. Save to try! MATERIALS: 1. White craft paper 2. Scissors 3. Paint 4. Papertowel roll (Cut in half) 5. Google eyes (optional) 6. Pipecleaners 7. Permanent marker It’s optional to add string to the butterfly and let them hang from a tree if you like. Have fun!
paper plate ladybug craft for kids to make
Paper Plate Ladybug Craft Idea
Paper Plate Ladybug Craft Idea
children's crafts and activities to make their own caterpillars for fine motor skills
Cheerio Caterpillars - Fine Motor Skills Activity For Toddlers and Preschoolers ...
Balloon craft for kids
Need: • Balloons • Glitter • Water (No Oil- some oils can dissolve/melt balloons) • Scissors • Dropper
a cardboard sign with flowers on it sitting in the grass
🌿 Nicky🌻| eco crafts for my littlies and me! on Instagram: "💐 Spring flower stall 💐 ✨Save for low prep inspiration The spring sunshine this morning inspired me to revisit this sweet little activity with Charlotte today. We first did it 3 years ago having seen it on and it was such a winner ☀️ You'll need 3x cones and 3x corners of egg boxes (2x half dozen or 1x dozen box). I used cardboard with a shiny printed reverse side so I could put it down on the wet grass without damage. It only took about 5-10mins and we'll use it multiple times this spring and summer - the kids really love finding tiny treasures so fill it up, and the scale of it really celebrates the beauty of small things - including weeds! #recyclemeplay @recyclemeplay #recycleandplay @recycleandplay #100